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The site Andes Wines recently published an article about this innovative iniciative stating that Chile has achieved leadership and global recognition thanks to products and services around agriculture. Fresh fruit and wine are leaders, that is why the challenge is to improve the positioning and selling them. The Brand Ambassador Workshop was held in Santiago last month to support the management of market opening and selling wine . Due to its success , this innovative workshop will be conducted in Portugal in September, where he has called Bodegas de Portugal and professionals associated with luxury and tourism.


03/12/2017 2:38pm

Chile is indeed of of the top exporters of fruits and wine. This initiative would be helpful to Chile and to its people because it would increase sales, thus creating more profit. The workshop is indeed effective. I hope it would also be effective to Portugal. Thanks for this!

06/20/2017 2:33am

This is indeed a good news. I haven't yet seen the article, but I am quite sure there are lots of things that I will be learning from it. I just want to know when are you going to have this Brand Ambassador meeting again? I suggest that you should post the agendas that you had at the meeting. This will help us to have some idea regarding the topics that you will be discussing. By the way, thanks for making this possible.


This is something that should be really celebrated. Achieving leadership and global recognition are something really huge. Well, wines and fresh fruits are indeed a big help in making the recognition possible. I encourage you to think of some innovations to retain the recognition that you have achieved. I am very happy to know that you will be conducting seminars as well. I believe those events will help you a lot.

05/02/2017 6:01am

Hope to attend such workshop this year! This will be very interesting for me!


I am very comfortable and pleased to come here. Thank you very much.


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