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The nation of Instagram has something special that makes it unique. It is the perfect platform to share and interact with the community in a positive and proactive way. Its users are happy and free, expressing their ideals through open collaboration that seeks beauty, entertainment and positive energies; all characteristics of the generation Z.

With its dazzling growth in users, we wonder why it is the only application that does not have its own statistics tool for users. Frankly I do not think anything negative, quite the opposite. In my opinion this seems to be a message so that users feel they are not subject to advertising campaigns or as "target". That was the feeling and the complaint of many Gen Z through Facebook growth.

Considerations of how to introduce a brand within Instagram are relevant when we consider empathy with audiences, communicating our value-based pillars, philosophy and brand storytelling. Key points are the set of realistic KPI (key performance indicators) & ROI numbers and time frame (return of investment). It is a challenge to establishing a digital tribe that will admire, respect and trust us as a brand. 

Instagram is one of the best platforms to advertise on – a Forrester report has shown that engagement with brands on Instagram is: 
10 times higher than Facebook 
54 times higher than Pinterest
84 times higher than Twitter.