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We innovate the commercial management of the agro with technology and data analysis. Each point in the drawing represents a digital user; The lines represent dialogue and contain information in the form of text or image. In the same way that we observe the disposition and relation of people moving in a city or concert, we can observe both the behavior and the communication at the digital level. It is forecasted that by the year 2024 there will be 25 billion Internet-connected devices, ready to generate an indeterminate number of terabytes of information. Technology offers us multiple possibilities to develop smart business using real data. Thanks to our consultancies we managed to transfer this benefit to farmers with actions and plans determined according to their budget and reality. Innovation and technology must benefit the complete supply chain to generate competencies, add value and increase revenue.
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Innovamos la gestión comercial del agro con tecnología y análisis de data. Cada punto en el dibujo representa a un usuario digital; las líneas representan diálogo y a la vez contienen información en forma de texto o imagen. De la misma manera que observamos la disposición y relación de personas moviéndose en una ciudad o recital, podemos observar tanto el comportamiento como la comunicación a nivel digital. Se pronostica que para el año 2024 habrá 25 billones de aparatos conectados a internet, listos para generar un número indeterminado de terabytes de información. La tecnología nos ofrece múltiples posibilidades para desarrollar negocios inteligentes utilizando data real. Gracias a nuestras consultorías logramos traspasar este beneficio al agricultor con acciones y planes determinados según su presupuesto y realidad. La innovación y la tecnología deben beneficiar al campo para generar competencias, agregar valor y aumentar ingresos.
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The Spanish company Atrevia, leader in communications and with multiple offices in Latin America and Europe, is now leading a change in the way companies manage their brands. Raise "the story of navel gazing" as a way to manage brands from within the company towards partners, employees, customers, consumers, opinion leaders and press, as an image with the same identity against all.  Asunción Soriano, CEO in Bogota, said in a recent interview for Advertising & Marketing that the key is to look inward and reflect on the brand to create a uniform message and adapted to each channel and public.  

Companies surrendering to this new phenomenon are increasing, mutating the way how we build and communicate the brand values. Nuria Vilanova is the founder of Atrevia and in her speech she speaks of companies and people as imperfect, that definition triggers the constant opportunity to improve. Successful, solid and internationally recognized companies have managed to achieve leadership by resonating with their audiences including the trades of cosmetics, banking, mobile phone and travel. They manage that their customers believe in them and that is possible only being truthful, fulfilling brand promises and building trust. 

 Audiences are changing and although we tend to believe we already have some market share, this is perhaps only for a few years. Forms and channels of communication are mutating at an unprecedented rate, while decision-making within companies is extremely slow and reserved. In the world there are professional teams capable of generating real value for brands that supporting sales management would mean market share and generate growth.